Love is stronger than brain

One day a lady came to my office with her daughter. She must be around sixty and her daughter around twenty-five. Her face bore the expression of sadness.

On entering, she said, “I’ve come here with a problem. I am pinning my hopes on you.” I assured her that whatever help I could do, I would definitely do. The problem was that her daughter Mala was in love with a boy since two years. But the report about that boy was not satisfactory. So, they had fixed up another boy for Mala. But two days before the marriage, Mala had threatened to commit suicide if she was married to another guy other than her lover. So, they had stopped the marriage. Mala’s father who was already ailing died of this shock. Now, Mala keeps threatening her mother with suicide attempt if she doesn’t agree for marriage with her lover.

Mala’s mother said, “Sir, that boy is doing some illegal business and there’s always the risk of his being arrested by the police. But my daughter turns a deaf ear to all these things. She is blind with love. She was in a good job. But she quit the job telling that she had no peace. Now, she is always with me at home. She gets angry just at the sight of me even. But I appreciate her for one thing. She is just pressuring me to allow her marry that boy but she has not done the mistake of marrying him without my knowledge. Please advice her.”

I wondered how I could convince Mala when she was that adamant, especially when even her father’s death could not change her mind. How can I prevent one who is blind to the truth and who is willing to invite problem?

“Mala, what you’ve studied?”

“M. A., B. Ed.” – curt reply!

“You are such a highly qualified …”, she didn’t allow me to complete.

She retorted, “Wait, I’ve not come here for your advice. I came only because my mother was keen. Nobody can change my mind. Don’t waste your time. Mom, let’s go.”

“Please wait, don’t be in a hurry. There’s another girl like you named Vijaya. You are a problem to your mother. But her mother was a problem to her. But now her problem has been solved. I’ll ask her to narrate everything that happened. Please come tomorrow evening at 6 o’clock. You can decide about your life after talking to her.”

“Who is that girl? Are you preparing for any drama?”

“Don’t show your temper here. I am talking to you because of your mother. Vijaya was talking to her mother in the same manner as you are talking to me. But Vijaya was like that only with her mother whereas you are showing your temper to every one. Vijaya will definitely agree to meet you if it is going to help solve your problem. After meeting her, whatever decision you take, your mother will agree. That’s my responsibility.”

I phoned up Vijaya and she readily agreed to come without asking for the reason. Mala looked at me surprised and took leave of me assuring that she would come tomorrow evening.

I’ll brief you about Vijaya. Three months ago, a middle aged lady came to my office. She introduced herself as Amudha. She told me about the problem of her close friend Padma and said that she had come to find a solution.

“Padma’s marriage was a love marriage. She married against the words of both the families. Everything was okay for two or three years. She got a girl child also. After that, she started seeing changes in the behavior of her husband. Daily there used to be fight between them. Finally, he settled down with another woman seven years ago. Padma recovered slowly from this shock. After her father’s death, she got some money as her share. She bought a flat and gave good education to her daughter Vijaya with that money. Today, Vijaya is a software engineer in a good firm. At this juncture, a new problem arose. When Padma started looking for alliances for Vijaya, the boys’ parties didn’t respond due to the fact that Vijaya’s father was not with them. Even if some people are willing to proceed, Vijaya’s father poisons their minds by telling false stories about Vijaya’s mother. Probably, he is afraid that if Vijaya gets married, he’ll have to give money to Padma for her expenses. Vijaya’s anger became focused on her mother due to this situation. She used to tell her mother - “You didn’t have the intelligence to choose your husband. Even if appa had been bad, you should have adjusted with him for my sake. You are the cause for all my misfortune. I don’t want any boy to come to see me, I’ll remain a spinster.”

Amudha continued and asked me whether I could find a suitable boy for Vijaya as Padma had been extremely hurt by her daughter’s words. I felt that before finalizing Vijaya’s marriage, her parents should reunite so that Vijaya would not have any problem in future after marriage. When I told this to Amudha, she said that Padma’s husband would not leave his second wife for the sake of Padma. Also, she was afraid that he would put spokes in the way of Vijaya’s marriage and so, her marriage should be held secretly.

I said, “We can think of Vijaya’s marriage only after we retrieve Vijaya and her parents from their present problems. Amudha asked me how it was possible. For every question, there’s an answer. And I got an answer to this question also! What was it?

Amudha asked for two days time to think over the matter. She returned with Padma after two days. Padma described her situation clearly. “I’ve suffered a lot in my life. I suffered when my husband was with me and I suffered even after he left me. My daughter should not suffer. I am living only for her sake. Her life is of utmost importance to me. I’ve no support. I’ve realized that I cannot revive my marital life. A simple divorce will suffice now. But he is not agreeing even for that.”

I realized from her words that she was ready to sacrifice anything including her own marital status for the sake of her daughter. The company in which Padma’s husband Viswanathan was employed was fairly well-known. I found out who was his M. D. I told Padma to meet Viswanathan’s M. D. along with Amudha without her husband’s knowledge and disclose everything. When Padma told the M. D. that she wanted to meet him to talk about Viswanathan, he invited Padma to come home on a Sunday for lunch. He seemed to be a good person, showing interest in the welfare of his employees.

“He has been working in my company since a long time but he has not uttered a word about this! We can forgive him at least for his living with another woman but he can never be excused for slandering his own wife to stall the marriage of his daughter. Why you had been keeping quiet all these years? You could have come to me even at that time when he started living with another woman. Things could have been set right then itself,” He told Padma.

“For everything, time should come, is it not…?”

“Okay, don’t worry, it is my responsibility to set things right. I’ll talk to Viswanathan.”

M. D. spoke to Viswanathan the next day itself, he reprimanded him too. To this, Viswanathan had replied that though he was wrong in deserting his first wife, he could not leave his second as she had children. The M. D. convinced Viswanathan that his second marriage was illegal and that he should divorce his first wife. And, he had also advised him to render a legal status to his second marriage by duly registering it to safeguard the future of her children. When Viswanathan readily agreed to this, the M. D. arranged for a divorce for Padma under mutual consent. And, Viswanathan promised that he would not interfere in the lives of Padma and Vijaya thereafter.

One problem had been solved. Both Padma and Vijaya had been retrieved from Viswnathan’s trap. Padma, Vijaya and Amudha, all the three came to my office and thanked me. Vijaya was then very clear in her mind.

“All these days, I was confused. Now I am peaceful, I want to live with my mother for some more time. I’ll marry when I meet a boy who understands both me and my mother.”

Padma’s divorce had brought the mother and daughter closer.

Now, I am on the look-out for a suitable boy for Vijaya. She would phone me up every now and then to enquire about my welfare. These are the circumstances under which Vijaya is meeting Mala.

After Mala met me, she came with her mother the next day. Padma and Vijaya also came. I introduced them to each other. Then they started talking amongst themselves. After some time, Vijaya took leave. After she left, Mala told me, “Padma madam told me about everything. Only in movies, people change their minds instantly based on a particular event. In real life it is not possible, but my mind has cleared up after meeting Vijaya. I’ll also take up a job immediately. It will be a good diversion. My mind should change or my love should succeed. God should give me maturity of mind to accept either of them.”

A few days back, there was a call from Mala. She told me that she got a job in the same school where she had worked as a teacher earlier and that I was the first one to be informed about that. I told her that she should inform me first when her marriage got fixed. She replied, “Surely. But I’ve news for you; Paramu, the boy I loved is getting married to his niece next month.” When Mala disconnected the phone, I was able to feel the sigh of relief her mother would have had.