One who is destined to the other

“My son’s marriage should take place on Sunday, You’ve to help us,’ Kamala reiterated.

“Madam, you are the affected party, that’s why you are in a hurry. But we cannot take the decision without considering the pros and cons. You had agreed for that alliance after satisfying yourself about the credentials of that family. But in spite of that, you had been fooled. How can we enter into alliance with any family without enquiring about them? Not only that, the girl’s party will think twice if you show urgency. The boy is employed abroad. They’ll certainly need time to satisfy themselves about the boy and his family,” I told.

“And, one more thing. If the second alliance also goes wrong, how will your son feel? Let Vivek extend his leave by another two months. God is great. Everything will be fine,’ I added.

Krishnan was convinced and told his sister not to hurry up.

“We want a good girl, that too in just two days! There shouldn’t be any talk among my relatives about the cancellation of my son’s marriage. They should be full of praise about our finalizing Vivek’s marriage with another girl within such a short time. This is a mother’s justifiable wish. The marriage should not be postponed. You are running such a big office to help people like us,” Kamala spoke in a very clear tone. At the same time, she also knew that it was not a joke to fix Vivek’s marriage within such a short time.

“I don’t want to change your plans when you are so firm. But we need God’s grace for this. You find out whether any suitable girl is available within your friends or relatives circles. If the family is already known, then, the job will become much easier. “There might be girls, but I don’t want my relatives to come to know of this. “ Kamala was very particular about prestige.

“Madam, family prestige is important, I don’t deny. But your son’s life is more important than it. Your relatives will definitely understand that your son’s marriage was cancelled not because of him but because of the girl. Even if they talk, for how long they’ll be talking? You shouldn’t hurry up when you are deciding your son’s life. If there’s any girl in your circle, distantly related, you can definitely talk to her family. The girl’s party will be anxious about a good varan for their daughter; they’ll not be interested in gossiping. I’ll also check up whether there’s any suitable girl for your son. But, fixing up a relative girl will be a much easier task,” I explained to Kamala. My words seemed to have some effect on Kamala.

Her husband Shivkumar opened his mouth for the first time. “Sir is correct. I am not finding fault with your firm decision to celebrate the marriage on the particular date. But we cannot finalize the marriage with an unknown party to suit our urgency. We’ve only six days left. Let us go back home. We’ll think over and find out whether there’s any suitable girl in our circle. It is important that Vivek’s marriage should be celebrated. But it is more important that he gets a suitable girl.”

They all left with a clear mind. “You telephone to me in the evening. We’ll proceed according to your decision. In the meantime, I’ll also instruct my staff to prepare a list of girls that would be suitable for Vivek.”

Krishnan got in touch with me at 6 p.m. “Sir, you were right when you said that we needed divine help. I believe we really have His grace. We’ve decided Vivek’s marriage. We are not able to believe whether it is reality or dream. But we know, it is true, our happiness knows no bounds,” Krishnan spoke in a tone choked with emotion. I also felt really very happy.

“I am very happy, who is the girl?”

“Sir, my sister was firm that nobody should know about this problem. But after you spoke to her, she realized that it was not possible. My wife Latha mentioned about her cousin Maha. She said that she didn’t recommend that girl all these days because she thought that Vivek deserved a more qualified girl. Also, she was afraid that her intention might be mistaken if she recommended her at this crucial time. But after meeting you, she had felt that she would be wrong if she didn’t mention about Maha. Maha and her parents came immediately. Vivek spoke to Maha. Now, we’ve the consent of all concerned.”

“Vivek’s marriage is going to be held on the date already fixed, only the girl will be different. Now, we all feel that Maha is best suited to Vivek. We’ll be printing the invitations tomorrow. The first invitation will be sent to our family deity. The next is for you …”

I was able to realize the depth of happiness in Krishnan’s words. I attended Vivek -Maha marriage and blessed the couple.

Those, who come with problems, have the solution also with them. Our job is only to point it out; they’ll take the decision with much ease!