'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Sundareswara temple – Kovur, Chennai

Sri Sundareswara temple – Kovur, Chennai

Astrology says that the Navagrahas are responsible for all the events in our lives, both positive and negative. If we study the position of the nine planets in our natal chart and do the required pariharam and worship, we can have good things in life, our sufferings will mitigate. Education plays a very important role in everybody's life. Planet Budha is responsible for education, intelligence, maturity, memory, creativity etc. astrologers say. So, it is recommended that we visit the temples of Budha baghwan and be blessed by Him. There are a number of Navagraha temples in Thondaimandalam. Sri Sundareswara temple where we can have 'darshan' of Budha baghwan is situated at Kovur near Chennai.

History of the temple

When Goddess Kamakshi was performing meditation on Lord Siva at Mangadu, a neighboring spot of Kovur, all the parts of the place became hot due to the intensity of Her penance. People as well as cows suffered due to the heat. But Lord Siva was also meditating at that time with His eyes closed. The sages and the Devas prayed to Lord Vishnu requesting Him to do something to save the people from the heat. Lord Vishnu told Mahalakshmi to save the world. Goddess Mahalakshmi descended to the earth and took the form of a cow and worshipped Lord Siva. The Lord opened His eyes, accepting Mahalakshmi's worship. As the Lord opened His eyes, the world was saved. The heat subsided and it became cool. As Mahalakshmi took the form of a cow here to worship the Lord, the place got the name 'Gopuri', which subsequently became Kovur.

Sri Sundareswara temple – Kovur, Chennai

Thyagaraja Swamigal

Thyagaraja Swamigal was traveling in a palanquin to Tirupati through Kovur to have a 'darshan' of God. On seeing the temple, he wanted to visit it. At that time, the village chief Sundaresan approached the Swamigal and asked him to sing his praises. But the Swamigal refused telling that he would sing the praises of the Lord only, not human beings. When he crossed Kovur, some dacoits attacked his palanquin. Thyagaraja Swamigal stepped down and told the dacoits that he was not a rich man, he had nothing to part with and that he was an ordinary man going to Thirupati for 'darshan' of the Perumal. At this, the dacoits asked him who threw stones at them. The Swamigal replied that there were no other people than those who were carrying the palanquin. But the dacoits insisted that they saw two young men throwing stones at them. At this, the Swamigal realized that the two young men were none other than Sri Rama and Laksman who tried to save him from the dacoits. He felt that the place had some divinity. He returned to the Kovur temple, had 'darshan' of God and wrote and sang Pancharatna keertanas. The village chief wrongly believed that the keertanas were in his praise. The Swamigal clarified that the keertanas were sung in praise of Lord Sundareswara and not the man Sundaresan. Swamigal had sung more number of songs in praise of Lord Rama among other gods.


The temple was built during the regime of Kulothunga Chola during the 7th century. The presiding deity Sundareswara is also called Thirumayileeswara. His consort Sowndarambika is also called Thiruvudainayaki. First, we see the 7-tier Rajagopuram over the south-facing main entrance looking majestic. The sannidhi streets on all the four sides around the temple are picturesque with shady trees and an array of houses.

Sri Sundareswara temple – Kovur, Chennai

Devotees who had benefited by their faith say that we can get relief from all our sufferings by worshipping Lord Sundareswara. People with problems due to the unfavorable positioning of Budha in their horoscope, those waiting for marriage, childless couples, businessmen etc. come here and pray and are benefited in due course. Those who want to appease Planet Budha or do parihara to Budha come to this temple because it is a Budhasthala. The temple has other deities including Veerabhadra, Lord Subrahmanya with His two consorts Valli and Devyani and the Navagrahas. Statues of all the 63 Nayanmars have been installed here. Sekkizhaar, who wrote Periyapuranam was born in the neighboring village Kundrathur. He started writing his great epic Periyapurana at this sthala. Another special feature of this sthala is that the sthalavritcha Mahavilva tree has bunches of 27 leaves in one single stalk! The tree has extraordinary medicinal properties and its leaves are used for medicinal purposes. The temple tank is Sivaganga. The temple has a very beautiful car too.


Kovur can be reached by traveling on the Kundrathur High Road which runs to the south from Porur Junction. Buses that ply from Paris Corner and Vadapalani to Kundrathur reach Kovur through Porur.