'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Nagaraja temple – Nagercoil

Sri Nagaraja temple – Nagercoil

We believe that the Lord decides the fortunes of every human being as per his/her sins and good deeds. Couples who have no offspring visit temples and pray with the firm belief that they’ll be blessed with the gift of a child by the deity there. Nagaraja temple in Nagercoil is one among the many temples that are well-known for redeeming the misery of childless couples. The temple has numerous statues of snakes. Devotees feel more confident on seeing these statues. Couples who want the gift of a child and those who want prosperity pray at this temple and return with a relieved heart.

History of the temple

Once, a young girl came to the area where the temple stands today for cutting grass. While cutting, her sickle fell on the head of a five-headed serpent. Dazed with fear at the sight of the serpent bleeding profusely, the girl fled to the nearest hamlet and informed the people there about the incident. When she returned with some of the villagers to the area, they were all surprised and at the same time, shocked to see the five-headed snake. Fearing that they would be affected by nagadosha, they built a small shrine at the site for the snake and conducted worship services. And, people started thronging the sthala in course of time. The king of Kalakkad, who was stricken with leprosy did penance at this temple for recovery from the disease. As he was completely cured after his prayers, the pleased king built the present Nagaraja temple at the site.

Sri Nagaraja temple – Nagercoil


The temple is situated at the heart of the town, Nagercoil. Bus services are available to reach the temple from all the important towns in Tamil Nadu. As lodging facilities are also there, devotees can visit the temple with their families. On entering, we see the Rajagopuram, built as per the Kerala architecture style. Nagercoil was previously a part of Kerala samasthan till the year 1956 and it was the reason for the Kerala style of architecture. This is a temple meant exclusively for snake worship. Though it is a big temple, the sanctum has a thatched roof only and the roof is replaced annually. It is believed that the five-headed snake appears at that time. There’s no vimana or peeda at the top. Figures of two five-headed snakes, covered with brass plating can be seen on each side of the sanctum. The moolavar, a swayambhu has been established under water. The sand around the moolavar is distributed as prasadam to the devotees. It is very surprising that the quantity of sand doesn’t decrease though daily some portion of it is being removed for distribution. Figures of snake have been anointed on the dais circumambulating the papal tree outside.

Theppakulam is the theertham of the temple. Odavalli tree is the sthalavritcha. It is believed that the leaves of this tree have the medicinal property that can cure leprosy. It is strange that each leaf of the tree has different taste!

Devotees offer silver figures of snake, eggs etc. as part of their prayer commitments. Also, they pour milk into the anthill at the temple. Turmeric abhishek and offer of pepper also form part of prayer commitments. It is believed that those without offspring would be blessed with the gift of a child and nagadosha is also neutralized by circumambulating the papal tree.

Sri Nagaraja temple – Nagercoil


The temple can be reached by traveling by train or bus. If one travels by air, he can first go to Thiruvananthapuram and thence, he can reach Nagercoil. From Madurai airport, one can reach the temple traveling by road. From Chennai, there are trains and buses that go to Nagercoil.


Thai thiruvizha is observed for ten days in the Tamil month of Thai. Sundays in the month of Avani are observed as special days. Special worship services are held on the day of Ayilya star during every month. All of you can go to this renowned temple and be blessed with prosperity and all the wealth.