'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Arulmigu Vadivudai Amman temple -Thiruvotriyur

Arulmigu Vadivudai Amman

Thiruvotriyur is an industrial area adjacent to the beach at north Chennai. Epics say that the place and the temple had been in existence from the time of the great sage Valmiki. The stone inscriptions say that Thondaiman chakravarthy renovated this temple some 1250 years ago. There's no doubt that the temple is very ancient. Because of this reason, the presiding deity at the temple is called Aadhi Pureeswara.

On entering the Sannidhi Street, we see the majestic 5-tier tower. And, on entering the temple, 'kodimaram' and altar catch our eyes. Passing by, we've the 'darshan' of Nandi. Next to it are installed the figures of Sivasurya and the four Nayanmars. Jagannathar, Amirthakadeswara are next in the row. After paying obeisance to them, we see the 1008-faced 'Sahasralinga'. The twenty-seven stars, portrayed as 'lingas' have separate 'sannidhis' for each one of them in the first 'prahara'. Devotees light a lamp in front of their concerned star's 'sannidhi' and pray for redemption of their sins of previous as well as the present birth. On circumambulating the 'prahara', we see Sri Thyagaraja in the sitting posture, blessing His devotees. Now, we enter the 'sannidhi' of the presiding deity Sri Aadhi Pureeswara. Then, we've the 'darshan' of the 63 Nayanmars and Sri Vattaparai Amman, Chandikeswara and Natraja. On coming out, we see the separate temple of Vadivudai Amman. The Goddess is portrayed with four hands and facing the south. She is also called Bala Sri Thiripurasundari. Appar had sung Her praises in his beautiful Tamil, referring Her as Sri Vadivudai Mangai. After this incident, the deity's name became Vadivannai, which became Her permanent name also.

Arulmigu Vadivudai Amman temple -Thiruvotriyur

'Darshan' on Friday , prayer will be granted

It is believed that our prayers will be granted if we've 'darshan' of Vadivudai Amman, who won the grace of Aadhi Pureeswara through Her penance on Fridays. The very act of starting for the temple at Thiruvotriyur itself would give some redemption of our sins, it is said. On paying obeisance to the 'kodimaram' one gets rid of the consequences of his/her sins committed in the previous 'jenma' and we get salvation on paying obeisance to Sri Thyagaraja, they say. Sri Vadivudai Amman will bless Her devotees with prosperity, longevity, good children and a good life-partner, the devotees believe. These beliefs had arisen from the verses of the numerous rishis and Nayanmars, who had sung the praises of this shrine.

  • The presiding deity got the name Aadhi Pureeswara due to the reason that Brahma worshipped the Lord here.
  • The great sages Valmiki and Vyasa had worshipped here.  
  • It was here at this 'sthala' that sage Agasthya was blessed with a vision of the wedding of Lord Siva as Kalyanasundara.
  • It was here that the Lord received a promise from Sundarar, one of the 63 Nayanmars, under the shade of a 'makizham' tree before embarking as his emissary of love.
  • It is here at this 'sthala' that the great poet Kambar composed the epic 'Ramayana'.
  • It is here that Kaliyamurthy Nayanar offered his own blood as oil to the 'thiru vilakku'.
  • The shrine had been sung by the three Nayanmars - Thirugnanasambhanda, Navukkarasa and Sundara.
  • Arunagirinatha had sung the praises of Lord Muruga of this 'sthala' in his Thirupugazh.
  • Ramalinga and Pattinaththar had worshipped here.
  • Sri Thyagaraja had sung five songs in praise of Vadivudai Amman on experiencing Her grace.
  • Muthuswami Dikshidar had sung the 'keerthana' 'Aadhi pureeswara' here.
  • Arulmigu Vadivudai Amman temple -Thiruvotriyur
  • Daily, devotees throng the place and many of them sing the praises of the deity on receiving His grace. The glory of this 'sthala' cannot be fathomed as it is beyond our limit. Every one should visit this temple at least once in their lifetime. All the prayer requests are granted if we worship earnestly. Those, waiting for marriage would benefit by worshipping Vadivudai Amman on Fridays. Those who do not have the facility to visit this temple can pray to the deity from their homes. The 'panchaboothaas', namely, water, earth, ether, fire and air that could destroy the entire Planet Earth through deluge, worship this Thiruvotriyur Lord, Thirugnanasambhandar had sung in his verses. Let us all pray to the Lord to protect the Earth from destruction by ensuring proper functioning of these five elements.