'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Vadapazhani Aandavar - Chennai

Sri Vadapazhani Aandavar - Chennai

We forget ourselves on hearing the chorus of devotees “Vetrivel Muruganukku arohara ..! ...! , choked with devotion … Though Vadapazhani temple is visited frequently, the beauty of Lord Muruga captivates every time we visit. We pray to Him to bless the children of those parents,(who register with Kalyanamalai) with a good marriage. You can also visit the Muruga temple and receive His blessings. He will surely grant your prayers.

History of the temple:

Around 120 years ago, there lived Annasami Naicker at Puliyur Kottam (the present sthalam) in Thondai Nadu. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga. He recovered from his disease thanks to his devotion. After this incident, he brought a picture of Lord Muruga from South Pazhani and was doing worship. Being a Muruga devotee, he frequently visited Muruga's special abodes including Thiruttani and Thiruporur. One day Lord Muruga appeared in his dream and told him that He was present in the place where the Naicker was living.

Then, Annasami Naicker converted his place into a temple and continued his pujas. He was a soothsayer also. At one stage, out of devotion, he cut his own tongue and offered it as kaanikkai to the Lord. With the blessings of the Lord, his tongue grew up again. He continued his soothsaying service till end. When he became old, his student Sri Rathinasamy Thambiran continued the services. And, in due course, Naicker attained salvation.

Sri Vadapazhani Aandavar - Chennai

Sri Rathinasamy Thambiran

Sri Rathinasamy Thambiran arranged for a statue of Lord Muruga and continued to offer worship services. He was a soothsayer also for the devotees. He requested the devotees to call this sthalam "Vadapazhani" because the temple was located at the northern part of Tamil Nadu. His descendent Sri Bhagyalinga Thambiran also continued the same services as well as soothsaying. He attained salvation in the year 1931. The fame of these three siddhas spread all over Tamil Nadu. Devotees thronged the temple and were blessed by the Lord. 


As we enter the temple through the southern entrance our attention is drawn to the sannidhi of Varasidhi VInayaka, situated to the left. After having His darshan, we walk on the same side to have the darshan of Kasi Viswanatha. The sannidhi of Lord Muruga with His two consorts Valli and Devyani on each side is situated at the northwest side of the temple. When we go around the temple, we have darshan of Angaraka and Meenakshiyammai in separate sannidhis. The beauty of the Lord attracts our attention from the nearby mirror-fixed sannidhi. We cross the gold plated thuvajasthambam and reach the sanctum. The benevolence in the eyes of the Lord makes us forget ourselves. When we go around the prahara, we see the statues of Arunagirinatha, Chokanatha, Ganapathy, Kaliyamma, Veerabagu Deva, Veerabhadra, Bhirava, Manickavasaga and Visalakshi. The tank is situated facing the eastern entrance of the temple. The height of the temple tower at this entrance is 40.8 mtr.108 sculptures depicting various mudras of Bharathanatyam have been sculptured on this tower.

Glory of the sthala

The prahara at the northern side is very wide. Marriages are conducted here. Also, there's a thulabhara scale for the devotees to fulfill their commitments. The Mahakumbhabshishekam was done for the first time in the year 1972 and subsequently in the years 1984 and 1996. And, in august 2007, Mahakumbhabhishekam was done on a grand scale. The temple runs a siddha medical center and an orphanage. The daily annadhanam scheme is also being carried out. Those who want to donate can contact the temple over the phone number 044 -2483 6903.

Sri Vadapazhani Aandavar - Chennai

Pujas & Festivals:

Special pujas are conducted on all the important days. Festivals like Kandasashti in the Tamil month of Ippasi, Panguni Uthram and Thirukarthikai are being celebrated on a very grand scale. The temple is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and on the days of Thirukarthikai. On the other days, the temple is open from 6 a.m. to 12 noon and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

As there's a separate sannidhi for Angaraga in this temple, those whose marriages are being delayed and those who do not have offspring can offer their prayers here. They are sure to be blessed.

Route :

All the buses that start from the Chennai Vadapalani bus depot and proceed to Valluvar Kottam, crossing the 100 ft. road; 5E, 5T, 12B, 12C, 17, 25G, 37g, 37, 88A, M88, M70, G70, 27C buses ply on the main road where the temple is situated.