'Thirumana Thiruthalangal', is a book written by Ms.Meera Nagarajan, the Managing Director and CEO of the company. The published chapters from the book narrate the importance on worshipping at various temples that are known to bless for an early marriage to a bride or groom.

Sri Chandrasekhar Swami Chandrasekharapuram

They say that Lord Siva is also called Someswar and Somanathar because of the reason that a rare herb called Somam that grows on the Himalayas is being offered at the yahas. Similarly, Chandra is called by the name Soman. Lord Siva honored Chandra by adorning his head with Chandra and got the names Piraichudi and Chandrasekhar.

The Third crescent moon is one of the sixteen faculties of Chandra. Lord Siva has worn this crescent moon on His head. Usually, in Siva temples, there’ll be separate sannidhi for Sun God and the morning worship services are started with the first service to Sun God. But in the Chandrasekhar Swami temple, the puja is started from Chandra. Siva temples are more in Chola region. There are 276 temples that have been sung in various pathigams. And, there are also many Siva temples that have not been sung but worshipped at by siddhas. Sri Chandrasekhar Swami temple is one among such Siva temples, located at 3 km distance from Valangaiman near Kumbakonam, near Kudamurutti River in Chola region. Let us visit the temple where we can get relief from fear.

Temple history

Lord Siva is known by different names in different places according to His thiruvilaiyadal. Chandra bhagwan, who is at the second place in Navagrahas in this temple got redemption from his curses by worshipping Lord Siva. He knows all the 64 aayakalais. He has 27 wives – 27 stars. Chandra bhagwan went to see the Lord on hearing the news about the birth of a son (Vinayaka) to Him. Chandra ignored Vinayaka who was standing at the door. When Vinayaka enquired, Chandra bhagwan replied in an indifferent tone. When Vinayaka told him that he was the son of the Lord, Chandra laughed at his words. The enraged Vinayaka cursed Chandra bhagwan that he would lose his beauty of phases. Chandra bhagwan showed love only to two of his 27 wives; and because of this reason, the other 25 wives who were angry with Chandra bhagwan also cursed him. Chandra bhagwan lost all his 64 phases due to these curses. When he went to Lord Siva and sought His help, Siva told him to visit 64 Siva temples and worship Him to regain all the 64 phases. Chandra bhagwan visited all the places along with his two wives. After regaining 63 faculties, he came to Chandrasekharapuram to regain the 64th faculty. The Lord, pleased with Chandra bhagwan’s worship, adorned His head with Chandra. The sthalapurana says that the place got the name Chandrasekharapuram because of this reason.


The temple has been built by a Chola king. Siddhas and Saptarishis had worshipped the deity here. The figures of the Saptarishis had been sculpted on the wall. The idol of Sulini Durga, the last of Navadurgas has also been installed here.

Sri Sulini Durga

Sulini Durga relieves her devotees from miseries arising from evil habits and practices, jealousy, poverty, helplessness due to a reckless husband etc. Worshipping the Goddess during Rahukaala ensures incredible benefits including absolute peace of mind. Devotees offer red color kesari or wheat halwa as nivedhana on Tuesdays during Rahukaala.

Manonmani Devi

There are many avtars of the Goddess like Yogamoola, Thavamoola, Mantramoola and Pujamoola. Manonmanidevi is the avtar connected with mind power. This manifestation is rarely seen in Siva temples. Sri Manonmanidevi worshipped the Lord with the help of manimantra sakti. Yogapoorva days are there for days, stars, thithi, yoga and karana. Those with weak mind can offer butter kaappu with rose petals or sandal kaappu with pomegranate pearls or wheat halwa kaappu with cashew nuts, grapes and almond or turmeric kaappu with navadhanya to get redemption. It is said that people with Kataka raasi will get enormous benefits if they worship at this sthala because of its glory of having been the place where Chandra bhagwan worshipped Lord Siva. Worship of Sulini Durga will drive away all our miseries. If we worship Sri Sulini Durga and Manonmanidevi during Rahukaala daily, we can get deliverance from all types of miseries and problems, it is believed. Those who suffer from bad Chandra dasa and those whose marriages are delayed will be relieved of their problems if they visit this sthala and worship the deity. But due to lack of publicity, most of the people remain ignorant about the very existence as well as the power of this temple, says Veeramani Sivachariar, the executive officer of the temple.


The temple can be reached by bus that ply to Valangiman from Kumbakonam or can be reached from Swamimalai also.