Aaha Aaha By Kalyanamalai Mohan

Thiruvarur Komala
The dead came alive
Pannai Veetu Thirumanam
The girl flew to U.S to select her groom
Two marriages under the same Pandal
Sattanadar the great
Dubai Brother in law’s marriage
Mala's marriage is a Maha mela
Vatsala's Marriage A Coach without engine
The game played by the girl’s father
Caught in the trap of sorrow – an experience which a parent should never come across
Vidhya’s decisiveness is right
Engineer Mappillai
What had happened in aunt's house
Mangalam vows and fights injustice
Love is stronger than brain
Marriages Through Kalyaanamalai
The gifted wife
God's will
Has she done it
One who is destined to the other
Is my family an unfortunate one
The one & only heart & Soul of mine
Experience is a lesson
What is preventing the duo from uniting in wedlock
Long live good souls
Vathsala marriage
Be patient while looking for alliances
They were not mere words, but reality
We are all here for her
Kalyaana vaibhogame
Questions and my answers
Candid outlook

What is preventing the duo from uniting in wedlock?

Pandyan, the auto driver helped Manjula in everything and in the initial few months, it was totally out of sympathy for her as he knew her story. But sympathy had turned into love in course of time. Manjula knew that Pandyan was married and had a child and that his family was living in his village. She was shocked when she realized that Pandyan was in love with her. After this, she started avoiding traveling by his auto. But Pandyan made lot of efforts to meet Manjula and one day he was able to meet her when she was returning from school.

Pandyan’s wife had been mentally affected after her delivery due to some medicine which she took after childbirth. Pandyan had been looking after her and the child to the best of his ability. And, he gave her all available treatment also. But she died when the child was just one year old. Pandyan left the child in the care of his parents and came to Chennai to forget his grief. Though he was a graduate, he started driving an auto as he couldn’t get a job. He had lied to Manjula that his wife and child were in the village with the good intention of not wanting to trouble her mentally by telling the truth, especially, when she already had enough misery in her own life.

Though Manjula also had love for Pandyan, she hesitated how to love a married person (she didn’t know that Pandyan’s wife had died). This was her problem; otherwise, Manjula had been in love with Pandyan, as an individual. Manjula had wanted to marry a person who could understand her well and who could take care of her child also. When she learnt that Pandyan was a widower, she breathed a sigh of relief. And, when she learnt all the truth from Pandyan, how he cared for his wife, why he hid the truth from Manjula etc. she started loving him more. Her impression about Pandyan shot up to new heights.

Manjula, who decided her life after the death of her husband, would not have any problem in deciding her second marriage, I believed. And, when I learnt about her decision I was also happy and believed that Pandyan’s parents would surely agree for his second marriage as they would be happy as their grandchild would be getting a mother. But, contrary to the expectation, Pandyan’s parents behaved in a different manner, Manjula told me. She said that their calculation was entirely different and that she wanted my help in solving the problem. What was the complication …?