Aaha Aaha By Kalyanamalai Mohan

Thiruvarur Komala
The dead came alive
Pannai Veetu Thirumanam
The girl flew to U.S to select her groom
Two marriages under the same Pandal
Sattanadar the great
Dubai Brother in law’s marriage
Mala's marriage is a Maha mela
Vatsala's Marriage A Coach without engine
The game played by the girl’s father
Caught in the trap of sorrow – an experience which a parent should never come across
Vidhya’s decisiveness is right
Engineer Mappillai
What had happened in aunt's house
Mangalam vows and fights injustice
Love is stronger than brain
Marriages Through Kalyaanamalai
The gifted wife
God's will
Has she done it
One who is destined to the other
Is my family an unfortunate one
The one & only heart & Soul of mine
Experience is a lesson
What is preventing the duo from uniting in wedlock
Long live good souls
Vathsala marriage
Be patient while looking for alliances
They were not mere words, but reality
We are all here for her
Kalyaana vaibhogame
Questions and my answers
Candid outlook

Questions … and my answers …!

Recently, they interviewed me for the program “Sigaram thotta manithargal” for Aahaa FM. I was very much satisfied and happy with their questions as well as my answers. Many of those who listened to this program contacted me and expressed the same feeling. I’ll be sharing some of those questions with you, readers of Kalyanamalai in this issue:

Q: Are you really happy with this service of yours? If so, why?

A: Certainly, I am very happy. There are always certain compulsions in all the fields which those in the field cannot afford to ignore because of the reason – business development. They involve themselves in social or spiritual services as a route for escapism from these compulsions. But, as far as Kalyanamalai is concerned, our profession itself is a service – we help in initiating marriages! We gain the blessings of many parents and earn punniyam also through this virtuous deed. It is really a great fortune when we earn blessings and punniyam along with profit. We thank God for blessing us with this service. And, we do this service with full involvement and satisfaction.

Q: What do you consider your majestic bearing?

A: Honesty and integrity in profession, service to others and humanness will bring majestic bearing to anybody. I feel I’ve this credit. But, if we do some service for our country, then the majestic bearing we acquire is really worth more than anything. We can be even proud of the same. I am waiting for such an opportunity. If I get a chance, I’ll go all the way to utilize the opportunity.

Q: Which gives success – hard work or luck?

A: Luck combined with hard work will give you success. But, if you are to sustain the success that you got through sheer luck, then, you’ll have to work very hard.

The interview lasted for about two hours. I am now happier that I’ve shared all my joy and happiness that I got through this interview with you all!