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Why to advertise in ?  owned by KM Wedding Events Management  is a unique and the one and only matrimonial website in India that uses all the popular mass mediums such as the Internet, Print, TV and ground events, to offer matrimonial services. This leading and fast growing matrimonial web portal from India, caters to the matrimonial needs of all the communities from South India that are living in India and in other parts of the world.

What are the impressive facts about that makes it popular?

  • As on January 2017 it has assisted 3,30,000 marriage aspirants to get marry and racing towards the magic figure of 5,00,000 marriages.

  • The website has over six lakhs registered and active members

The website, which meets the matrimonial requirement of five regional language users, enjoys a very impressive web statistics as below:

  • Unique visitors per day – 43757 – 51.24%

  • New visitors per day – 37497 – 48.76%

  • Returning visitors per day – 35678

  • Over five lakh page views per day

  • Meeting the user needs in five regional languages

How is unique when compared to other matrimonial websites?

  • More than 90% of its users represent the prolific 21 to 35 age group.

  • Nearly 70% of its members are from India and 30% of them are from other countries.

  • It is the only matrimonial website that serves its members using all the mass mediums such as WEB, MAGAZINE, TV and Events.

What are the other KM Wedding Event Management's activities that supports the increased viewer ship of the website?

KM Matrimony regularly organises matrimony-related events such as

  • Thirumana Thiruvizha

  • Varan Parkalam Vanga

  • Vivaha Prarthana &

  • Mega Community Meet

In every such organised event a large number of participants register to become members of KM Matrimony and in turn its web site users. Every such increase in the member’s data base increases the volume of its website users and in turn the traffic to the website.


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What are the advertisement opportunities available at the website?

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